The signing of Swede Marcus Antonsson was another one of those “what the…” Leeds United transfers, a method fast becoming the typical ‘Leeds way’ of handling the transfer market.

From nowhere, to Twitter rumour, to obscure Swedish reference, back to Twitter and then…oh look here’s the signature of a player that Leeds fans, if they are honest, had never heard of.

Suddenly Whites fans are scurry to Google and YouTube to find out whatever they can about a player brought into the club for the reported sum of £2m, give or take a few pennies here and there.

So far, in pre-season, Antonsson has looked handy in the spells that he has featured in – this includes a brace in the 3-0 win over Irish side Shamrock Rovers on the Ireland training camp.

On Twitter today there was this that popped up regarding Antonsson and a challenge of sorts issued by his sponsors.

This offer from Antonsson’s sponsor has been received well by Leeds United supporters on Twitter, some who have replied (below).

Leeds fans react on Twitter to sponsor offer to player

Tom simply congratulates the sponsors for their charitable thought and sense of gratitude.

Leeds fan Andy replies to the original Tweet and hopes Antonsson’s goals matter; Litetask reply to that and say they hope it hits them in the pocket.

For Leeds fan Matt, it was a simple case of three thumbs up for the gesture.

With the season a week away for Leeds United, Litetask might me looking to dig deep anytime soon. But joking aside, and I know that it likely happens with other teams, players and sponsors throughout football, but it is this sort of positivity that Leeds fans can all come together and applaud.

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