Two days ago, news came via both the Belgian daily publication Het Laaste Nieuws and its lead reporter Pieter-Jan Calcoen (Tweet – below) that Leeds United had reached a deal to sign Zulte Waregem’s left-back Bryan Verboom.

Het Laaste Nieuws said that Leeds United have reached an agreement in principle for the transfer of Verboom, who has watched recent games from the bench as Zulte Waregem’s manager Francky Dury has favoured other options. HLN say that they “know Verboom has reached a personal agreement with Leeds United. It would just be waiting for the signatures to completely finalise the transfer.”

However it seems that despite agreeing “personal terms” with Verboom, the transfer has not progressed. This has caused Calcoen to post a Tweet (below) questioning what the current state is with the transfer.

The translation of Calcoen’s Tweet reads as follows: “#Essevee still waiting #Leeds to finalize the deal about Verboom. Is it still there? The player hopes already does. #NUFC [sic – #LUFC]”. This ‘delay’ has prompted the publication to also question the Leeds United’s stance on what looked like a straight-forward transfer.

They point out that Zulte Waregem have signed a lot of players in the summer transfer window which means that “playing opportunities for some other players have shrunk considerably,” Bryan Verboom being one of those mentioned.

Going on to mention that the supposedly agreed transfer was a “dream transfer for the left [back]”, they say that both Zulte Waregem and Verboom himself are worrying whether the transfer itself will still proceed to being an effective one.

The article ends by saying that the “British [Leeds] behaviour would be in any case bizarre,” before asking whether there is a breakthrough just around the corner.

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