This week has taken the pressure which has been mainly media based off the head-coach Garry Monk. It seems like the media nationally (not so much locally) are wanting Cellino to sack Monk. They did it with Evans after the trip to Brighton last season but he stuck it out and left at the end of the season. Within the fan base there is almost full backing for Garry Monk, and there are plenty of reasons why.

Monk is trying to give us an identity and it’s something we haven’t had in a long time. It doesn’t always show, the Huddersfield game was a prime example. We didn’t get going at all but it could possibly be the best thing to happen during his reign so far. What I mean by that is that he has realised that changing his ways to try to win the game wasn’t working at Tuesday night we saw the Monk style and stamp we all expect. The 4-4-2 was ditched and back came the 4-2-3-1 complete with short and sharp passes, rather than getting the ball into the strikers as quickly as possible.

Garry Monk, flanked by Pep Clotet and James Beattie is a team that can have such an impact on the way the football is played and they have to trust in their ability to make this project work. Nothing will come of changing managers and players every year and let’s be honest, not many of us would have turned down Monk for Evans even though the Scot was respected by many. Monk is on another level and he has assembled the start (just the start) of a squad to begin a project at Leeds United, and he needs support, time and trust.

This has ended up being a very good week for the football club with back to back wins and its given us a taster of what can be done in a short space of time. We have the chance to build momentum and although Tuesdays game against Blackburn isn’t as important as today or next Saturday winning will do us no harm at all. We accept performances even if the result doesn’t go to plan, but we have to buy into what Monk is trying to do. Fans became frustrated on Tuesday because we were passing the ball along the backline, but minutes later that we weren’t stopping Blackburn from doing the exact same thing. The players will make mistakes and we have to accept it, they have to learn from them.

We’ve had some bad moments this season and we will have some more but it’s about reacting in the right way. Knee-jerk reactions won’t help anyone, and that’s from Cellino, the media and the fans. This is a project worth getting behind and worth enjoying. In Monk we trust.

About Author

Born in Gibraltar, raised in Scotland from a very young age. Been a huge fan of Leeds United since I could walk and talk, thanks to my Dad, the English half of me. After a few years in Australia I moved to Leeds, the trips from Scotland down to the city a few times a season didn't cut it. Love the city. Love the people, and the 12 hour round trip to Elland Road is about a 20 minute round trip. Love writing about the club, the more I write the more I feel comfortable doing it. As long as it's enjoyable I'll continue to do so, keep looking to step it up and progress as well. Leeds United is more than just a football team for me, as is it with so many others.

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