I normally avoid writing about Cellino and all the garbage that goes with it unless it’s big news. Last night we thought we had exactly that as we were plunged into the Telegraph “Football4Sale” investigation as it appeared Cellino had well and truly dropped himself in it.

On appearance it was hard to gauge and at first look I thought it looked pretty bad. It felt like (reports more than the video) Cellino had admitted to breaking the rules via selling part of the club. I reacted as most did and was extremely upset about it all, more so the comments about “the English” as I felt it was aimed at fans.

In all honesty that hasn’t been cleared up but as the day has unfolded it’s become very clear that Cellino hasn’t actually done anything wrong, certainly not to the point where it should have been released with the Barnsley bung and Hasselbaink stories. I first read Adam Pope say he didn’t see much wrong with it then others and on reflection it’s right, and the hype was what made it worse. Cellino was an easy target and I’m shocked they have only got him saying what he did.

What I will say is that Cellino is his own worst enemy at times. Why is he even filmed meeting these people and why do we have to dissect yet another video of him on a rant about people and organisations sweating over what he’s to say next? We shouldn’t have to and he needs to learn that many of the people he speaks to aren’t doing it for any reason but to drop him in it.

The club statement did clear up much of what went on and it’s certainly not a good situation although compared to others and in reality it wasn’t full of substance. For once we’d just like to concentrate on the football without the standard interruption of a Cellino story every few months.

That’s my opinion, most may disagree, we’re all entitled but to sum it up…Cellino hasn’t done much wrong in the video technically but the fact he’s ranting to complete strangers isn’t what we want to see and it’s all to familiar.


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Born in Gibraltar, raised in Scotland from a very young age. Been a huge fan of Leeds United since I could walk and talk, thanks to my Dad, the English half of me. After a few years in Australia I moved to Leeds, the trips from Scotland down to the city a few times a season didn't cut it. Love the city. Love the people, and the 12 hour round trip to Elland Road is about a 20 minute round trip. Love writing about the club, the more I write the more I feel comfortable doing it. As long as it's enjoyable I'll continue to do so, keep looking to step it up and progress as well. Leeds United is more than just a football team for me, as is it with so many others.

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