An article of the Afton Bladet website could very well contain the most important words ever heard by a Leeds United fan in recent times. Well maybe.

In an interview with United’s on-loan Torino central defender and current Swedish international Pontus Jansson, Afton Bladet report words so honey-coated that bees had to be imported especially for the purpose of the interview.

Speaking to Afton Bladet, not only did the tall Swede speak about his current loan arrangement at Elland Road but also gave a hint at the chain of circumstances that drove him into the arms of Leeds United, arms that have closed in a warm embrace.

The impact of Jansson since his arrival, an arrival that may have provoked some ‘foreign import’ jibes, is an impact that is already beginning to turn the darker areas of Leeds United fans’ souls to areas of lightness and even give hope to some. Mark that word – hope, yes hope.

Such has been the impact of Swede Jansson that there is a genuine ‘bromance’ brewing between the on-loan central defender and adoring Leeds United fans. This has been an easy love-in, fuelled by the more than consistent displays of Jansson – like the 31 defensive actions he carried out against Barnsley.

He makes mistakes, well little blips and hiccups as such. But the manner of his ‘show biz’ recoveries endears the big Swede even more to the Whites’ faithful; at times ‘bromance’ doesn’t even begin to get close. The following was so cultured that it even left the Barnsley commentator speechless.

The Aften Bladet article gives a flavour of just what is happening at Elland Road and why the big Swede is “happy to be there.” The article mentions the adulation that fans seem to have for Pontus Jansson talking about the terrace chants being penned in his honour and “that he would not hesitate to nod back a brick if it was thrown at him.” The article also makes a point that sums up perfectly just what Leeds fans have been and that is “seduced.”

He also speaks of what soured his Italian experience – a combination of changing coaches, switched systems and a contract that wasn’t right. Speaking specifically about the contract, Jansson said: “It took a long time and eventually they withdrew it and I got pissed and asked [them]all to go to Hell.”

The 6ft 5in Swede said that he’s put this all behind him now and complimented the “two great years there [in Italy]”, two years that have made him into the footballer that he is today.

But you can cast all that aside and focus on the very words that end the article, for it is these that are what is dipped in honey and served as a treat to Leeds United fan’s ears.

“[I] just hope I’m a Leeds player as soon as possible.”

A sentiment shared by those who are beginning to worship him.

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