Last night was possibly the best evening at Elland Road in a long time, opinions differ and people have their special games for different reason but for me the whole night was caught in one scene, the South Stands reaction on the TV when Chris Wood plants the opening goal into the corner. It seem crazy at the time but watching it back is eye-opening. Ever wondered what it’s like from the view of the away fan? Well now you don’t have to, because one has spoken to us about last nights game, and you may be surprised at what he has to say.

Tom – Brighton fan

1. Elland Road was bouncing last night, how did you feel the atmosphere was being an away fan?

Tom – “The atmosphere was phenomenal, I’ve been to many away games up and down the country, Elland Road is head and shoulders above the rest. The game itself was lacklusture, many home crowds in that scenario would have been silent, but Elland Road was a surreal experience, from both sets of supporters.”

2. When the first goal went in it sparked chaos, as an away fan, what was it like to see?

Tom – “Madness, there were limbs everywhere in the South Stand, celebrations like that emphasises the passion and jubilation football brings. It was hard to take from an away perspective, 1) because I was envious of those celebrations and 2) it was going to be an uphill struggle to get anything from the game based on our performance, but what a celebration it was. I won’t be forgetting that in a hurry.”

3. With it being a late kick off you’ll have seen some of the city, what was your thoughts to Leeds? It’s changed a lot over the last 10 years.

Tom – “From what I saw Leeds is a great city, lots of pubs, it has a good vibe. It’s a shame I had to catch the last train back home as it would have been good to experience the night life.”

4. What did you think to the Leeds team?

Tom – ” Gary Monk is building a solid foundation; he was a great appointment for you. Last night did not demonstrate either teams capabilities, neither did our home leg due to the man advantage, but I know you have a quality team. You have a natural goalscorer in Chris Wood, a great CDM in Bridcutt, and young talent in Kemar Roofe, Ronaldo Viera and Sacko. It’s looking good for you boys, wouldn’t expect anything less with Gary Monk.”

5. I’ve seen a lot of comments from Brighton fans saying they haven’t seen a home crowd erupt like Leeds did, do you agree with this and why do you think this is?

Tom – “I agree 100%, the home fans went nuts. I think it guaranteed a play-off place, 8 points ahead of Fulham in 7th, a couple of points behind Huddersfield and 8 behind us with 8 games to play. I can’t see you slipping up and bottling a top 6 finish. Gary Monk wanted a fan reaction and it he got it 10x over.”

6. Many clubs have new grounds, you’ll have been to many. Is the fact Elland Road is older and close to the pitch better for away fans?

Tom – “I wouldn’t say the older the stadium is the better it is for away fans, but visiting an old ground is always one I look forward to, the awayday experience is always better when the stands are almost sitting on the pitch, the close proximity allows a great atmosphere. Elland Road certainly fulfils that. A stadium filled with history, great successes with great players.”

7. What do you think Leeds can achieve this season?

Tom – “As mentioned earlier, I think a top 6 place is all but guaranteed for you, I would like to think you nor Huddersfield cannot catch Newcastle and us, but the closer you both get to us the more anxious I get. I don’t think you’ll do a Derby and completely bottle it, but looking up the table, the top 4 is getting tighter, and with 8 games to go, the unpredictability of the Championship ensures that there still could be a few twists and turns. Automatic promotion would be sensational, but getting 3rd would be a great achievement for you considering the last few years you have had, and getting that home second leg in the playoffs could be crucial.”

8. You were sat next to the South Stand which is probably the loudest, did you expect such an atmosphere on the trip?

Tom – “I expected an atmosphere, but could not comprehend the level of noise that stand generated. The noise was deafening at times. Let’s hope this fixture is repeated next season in the Premier League. Best of luck for the rest of the season (don’t catch us).”

Thanks to Tom for taking the time to answer the questions, and good luck for the rest of the season.


About Author

Born in Gibraltar, raised in Scotland from a very young age. Been a huge fan of Leeds United since I could walk and talk, thanks to my Dad, the English half of me. After a few years in Australia I moved to Leeds, the trips from Scotland down to the city a few times a season didn't cut it. Love the city. Love the people, and the 12 hour round trip to Elland Road is about a 20 minute round trip. Love writing about the club, the more I write the more I feel comfortable doing it. As long as it's enjoyable I'll continue to do so, keep looking to step it up and progress as well. Leeds United is more than just a football team for me, as is it with so many others.

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