Another signing from abroad which makes my life slightly more difficult when tracking down fans to speak to. This time it is the long awaited deal of Huesca ace Samu Saiz, the attacking midfielder who arrives with a glowing reputation from the second tier of Spain. The deal will see Saiz arrive on a four-year-deal for a fee of £3.1 million, on a £17k per week deal according to reports in Spain. The deal has been confirmed by the club subject to the medical.

Huesca Fan – Rincon Del Alcoraz

1. Samu Saiz, what sort of player are Leeds signing?

Rincon Del Alcoraz – “They are signing a very different player. He is the one who moves all the team around, the one who creates and also the one who finishes them. He has only one problem: he loves the ball and dribbling and he is not Messi so he loses it. But, when playing well, passing and so on, he is the one who makes the difference.”

3. What are his best attributes and strengths as a player?
4. £3.1m, does this represent good value or is he worth more or less?
 5. Is he suited to the English game in your opinion?

Rincon Del Alcoraz – “As far as I know, the English game gives more chances to score, there are more gaps in the defence and that’s a good fact for a player like him. However, he must have the ball in order to play it. If Leeds don’t have the possesion of the ball, Samu will appear less.”

Rincon Del Alcoraz – “Good question. Nowadays, Isco or Coutinho, maybe even Eriksen. If I had to choose only one, it will be Isco. The way he dribbles and the vision he has is similar. Also, the pace despite being small players. They both shoot few times, but when they do, they score or are very close.”

Rincon Del Alcoraz – “He is a really good player. The best in the Huesca history with Fran Mérida. He is not a child so he can improve but not much. However, he is supposed to be in his best years now. As his game style depends on his phyically fit he is, so is difficult to say how many years of good years he will have left.”

Rincon Del Alcoraz – “Of course. Leeds is the team he needs. A team made for reaching high goals, as the Premier League. Here, the Huesca made a team the past year in order not to descend a division. If the team’s aim is going back to the Premier League, Samu will feel important and that’s the important fact: he should feel himself as an important part of a big goal.”

Thank you so much to Rincon Del Alcoraz who took the time to answer the questions we had for him. His English was fantastic and he was speaking very highly of Samu Saiz, very positive read on the Spanish midfieder.

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