Last night I spoke to a couple of Boro fans, one of whom was @BoroNathan. He answered some questions on new signing Adam Forshaw for the #PAS Fan View which returned. These answers are very interesting and give us the chance to learn more about our most expensive signing in 16 years.

1. Adam Forshaw, not a clinical player going forward by any means, how would you best describe his style of play when he’s at his best?
“Adam Forshaw is very much an attacking, creative central midfielder, however he has shown he is more than prepared to do the dirty work aswell. At his best, he is a dynamic, incisive midfielder that can provide the final pass so elusive against teams that sit back and play for the draw.”
2. How do you feel about the deal in general?
“Whilst it is sad to see a figure of the club leave to a promotion (and relatively local) rival, I feel the fee of £4.5m is probably a good deal for Boro. Forshaw didn’t look to be in Tony Pulis’ plans, and after Pulis was keen to offload players, it seemed to suit all parties.”
3. As a fan sometimes you look only with your teams colours when the goggles go on. Realistically in today’s market, is an upfront fee of £3m for Forshaw a good deal for both clubs?
“£3m upfront is a fair price for Forshaw. I would have liked to see him be sold for more as he probably could have been, especially with the January transfer window being infamous for price inflation. The price is one that can easily be wasted on below average players in today’s market, and given his experience in both the Premier League and the Championship, Leeds could have spent their money on a lot of worse players.”
4. If you could compare him to a player in the world in terms of style and taking ability out of the situation, who and why?
“Adam Forshaw is the championship’s Adam Lallana. Skilled on the ball and good at passing, he is definitely a creative midfielder, more suited to the “number 8” in a 4-2-3-1 system than the number 10.”
5. Best attribute?
“His dribbling is almost definitely a key attribute of his game, however occasionally he can be slow to turn and premier league attackers often made the most of this last season. His forward thinking and passing was also a breath of fresh air in an often pragmatic, structured team under Karanka also.”
6. Weaknesses?
“Forshaw isn’t the strongest player nor the bravest. Leeds fans should not expect a battling, all action box to box midfielder, and sometimes the game can pass Forshaw by without him really getting involved or having an influence. When the team are under the cosh, he is also prone to positional mistakes, leading to another player taking a tactical foul.”
7. I’ve seen Boro fans thanking him for his attitude and commitment, is this the general feeling with Boro fans?
“Forshaw was a very good servant of the club, one of the most active players in the community and never caused a major fuss or stir. He was always in and out of the team, often unsuccessfully competing for a place with grant Leadbitter, Marten de Roon and then Jonny Howson. His loyalty and ability to slot in when needed made him well liked and valued as part of the team.”
8. Can he improve at Leeds, or are we getting a player who’s very much found his zone?
“There was always a feeling at Middlesbrough that, had Forshaw been played regularly in the championship, and given a role that suited him in the premier league, he could really kick on and develop into one of the crucial members of the team. If given a defined role and regular game time, Forshaw has the potential to blossom into a very popular figure at Leeds very quickly. However, I fear for him if he is used on the periphery as his powers may have peaked without the footballing world ever being able to see his true potential.”

Thanks to @BoroNathan for taking the time to give detailed answers on the player for the website. Good luck for the rest of the season.

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