Playground arguments that started ‘My Dad’s bigger than your Dad’ always were entertaining. They ended with someone’s Great Uncle clearing out the Fuhrer Bunker single-handedly, delivering a swift kick to Hitler’s unmentionable which is the real reason he committed cyanide suicide before said relative then went about the same in Imperial Japan to end the war on both fronts.

Yep, we’ve pretty much all of us been involved in one of those acts of braggadocio at one point during our formative years. However, here’s irrefutable proof that, as Leeds United fans, we can turn around to Villa supporters, Brighton stalwarts and those botherers from down the road that we are better than them.

Hell’s teeth, Leeds United are the 14th most active fanbase on Twitter over the month of July 2020. Granted, a lot of the 1.94m interactions will be: ‘When are we making signings?’, ‘When’s the new kit out’ and ‘#FreeBenWhite’ but 14th baby, four-bloody-teenth! 1.94m interactions – let that sink in.

106,000 interactions behind Manchester City. On the plus side, 103,000 interactions in front of PSG and 604,000 interactions in front of Champions League winners Bayern Munich. Brighton? Aston Villa? Huddersfield? Nowhere! I can hear Delia’s drunken voice giving it ‘Where are you?’

The biggest surprise is not that Manchester United are top with an astounding 10.5m interactions. Nop, the biggest surprise is that their fans can type and read. Education is a wonderful thing.

One last thing, one particular ‘My Dad’ argument once ended with a distant relative holding a key to a room full of original recipe Coca Cola with cocaine in it. Billy Bulls**t was called on that.

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