I’m being flippant here. Based on the experience of past transfer windows and Leeds United, there is always the fear that we’d sign Ru Paul nevermind be interested in Udinese’s midfield dynamo Rodrigo De Paul.

Yet, interested they are and the signs are looking good. Thankfully, video exists of De Paul’s play and it is good video. Let’s put it one way, it’s better than Habib Habibou’s chicken removal clip. It’s definitely De Paul rather than Ru Paul as well.

With rumours, one is reminded of the link between ‘opinions’ and ‘backsides’ in that we all have one and we all prefer our own. There are many ITK accounts on social media that profess to have the ‘inside track’ on the goings-on at Elland Road and I mean MANY.

Some of these ‘fan accounts’ are followed with the same devotion that the Branch Davidians showed to David Koresh…we all know how that ended. Yet, they still remain a voice listened to by some as gospel. They shun all other accounts that differ from their worldview.

It’s OK though, Phil Hay has our back:

It’s reassuring when someone of Hay’s insight and connections comments on a player and a club’s interest in him. It’s much more valid and reassuring that listing to some Koresh-esque acolyte spouting what his leader has said is transfer gospel.

For Leeds United fans, there is only one meaning to the acronym WACCOE and it shouldn’t be mixed up with the place in Waco TX where the Branch Davidians faced an armed stand-off on April 19 1993, with federal authorities. That ended in bloodshed and slaughter.

Just listen to Phul Hay, won’t you!

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